One of the many reasons for coming out with cartoon books so frequently, is to connect with cartoon lovers. This is my way of connecting with them. I don’t print huge number of copies of my cartoon books. I’m aware of the limited marketability of cartoon books and I print as much as my reach to cartoon lovers. As I directly sell these books to cartoon lovers, that gives me an opportunity to connect with them, interact with them and get feedback from them, first hand! In this social media age, this personal interaction with each other helps me know them better and vice versa.

For the last two weeks I have been signing the books with the buyer’s name and dispatching them. I believe when the book is delivered, it also delivers a very special moment to the buyer. And it gives me immense joy.
The feedback from buyers has been very encouraging. Though they have seen many of these cartoons on social media, the feel of holding a cartoon book and going through them in chronological order is beyond words.
Some people wanted to buy from Amazon or Flipkart, but to keep the price affordable I had to skip those routes. I’m sorry about it.

So, this link is the only way you can buy a copy of my books online. 
But if you’re really keen about buying and you’re finding it difficult to buy online, please send your address to [email protected]
You can pay through Google Pay([email protected])

I’m grateful for all the buyers, who support me every time I come out with a book.
Do share this with your friends so that these cartoons travel far and reach more people

Thank you!

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