Intelligent, honest and sincere

Thanks for keeping us alert and entertained through your cartoons, Satish. I agreed with his viewpoint 9 out of 10 times. I always found his work intelligent, honest and sincere. I never saw any element… Read more “Intelligent, honest and sincere”

Dr Arshad G Moh'd
Consultant Surgeon, Mumbai

Wonderful timely and expressive cartoons

I am always fascinated by cartoonists who tell thousand words in few strokes. Being on social media am always drawn to Satish’s wonderful timely and expressive cartoons. It always helps to be not inclined politically… Read more “Wonderful timely and expressive cartoons”

Talakadu Srinidhi
Retired Executive, BEML. Bangalore.

Satish and his witty cartoons

I’ve been following Satish and his witty, on-time, impactful cartoon illustration since very long time. Frankly I’ve not seen anyone who understands each and every issue so very well. Be it technology, political, social or… Read more “Satish and his witty cartoons”

Ranjit Srivastava
Exemplary People Pvt. Ltd

Thanks for the smiles, Satish.

I am following Satish’s cartoons eversince I started seeing Satish’s cartoons in FB. To be precise somce Oct-2011. The reason why I started liking him is not his “caricatures” but his cartoon ideas. Initially even… Read more “Thanks for the smiles, Satish.”


Cartoons make you deliberate

Satish’s cartoons make you deliberate and see the irony in any issue political or social. However my testimonial is for a personal piece I wrote a decade ago. It was not an easy piece or… Read more “Cartoons make you deliberate”

Sharon Fernandes

So creative and God-gifted

Satish Acharya’s sense of timing while drawing cartoons is almost perfect. He is so creative and God-gifted that he can fish for humour from even ordinary situations and happenings. Overall, he is an awesome entertainer. And we are proud… Read more “So creative and God-gifted”

JD Ghai

Punishes everyone without fear

Satish is very brave cartoonist. His knowledge about the subject is awesome. Satish punishes everyone without fear. His fan following is very huge including me. Best of… Read more “Punishes everyone without fear”

Manoj Sinha
Cartoonist, Hindustan

A brilliant cartoonist

One of the most creatively exciting projects of my life has been collaborating with Satish on the weekly Kopykatman comic-strips. We did it for four years, every Sunday, having so much fun blending current events… Read more “A brilliant cartoonist”

Suresh Nair
Film writer & former journalist with Bombay Times

India’s best young talent

Satish is one of India’s best young talents. His impish sense of humour, coupled with an completely original style, uninfluenced by the past, is a delight. He needs wider exposure, and the website would be… Read more “India’s best young talent”

Dr. Hemant Morparia
Cartoonist, Mumbai Mirror

A talented cartoonist of India.

Satish Acharya is a talented cartoonist of India. He has created a style of own and is very candid enough in dealing with delicate subjects. It would have been much better,  had he been working… Read more “A talented cartoonist of India.”

Managing Trustee, Indian Institute of Cartoonists

Satish’s quirky look at the world

Satish Acharya’s quirky look at the world around him and sharp eye for detail make a punchy cocktail when it comes to his art. With steady, sure lines and an unerring knack for finding the… Read more “Satish’s quirky look at the world”

Hemal Ashar

Satish’s speed and consistency.

Few cartoonists anywhere can match Satish’s speed and consistency. Had he been in professional cricket, as he had planned at one point in his life, I suspect he would have become a quick-scoring batsman or… Read more “Satish’s speed and consistency.”

SR Ramakrishna
Editor, TALKmag

His eagle eyes and nimble fingers

Free will is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure. That was the great American cartoonist, the creator of the Dilbert strip, Scott Adams. From his very own Kundapura, Satish is pursuing… Read more “His eagle eyes and nimble fingers”

Rajesh Kumar

Model cartoonist of this generation

The speed with which Satish gets to the core of the news and comes up with an idea and execute it is amazing! He is a model cartoonist of this generation. To survive as a… Read more “Model cartoonist of this generation”

The Hindu