Some of my cartoonist friends ask me, how do I manage to publish cartoon books so FREQUENTLY.
Simple answer is I self-publish my books!
I shortlist my cartoons, compose the book, do the layout, create the cover, get it printed and finally SELL MY OWN BOOKS!
As I print only around thousand books, I just need to cover the cost.
These books are not on Amazon or Flipkart, as I want to CUT COST by delivering directly to readers.
It’s little more work, but as long as it saves a few rupees in your pocket it’s fine.
Above all my prime motive is to DOCUMENT these cartoons.

Of course these cartoons are available on social media and on the web. But there’s a bigger world beyond the web.
Many many years later I want the future generations to pick up these books from their book library
and glance through that phase of history which affected an entire generation and how they had overcome the crisis.

I’m grateful to my friend and the best news-satirist Akash Banerjee for writing a hard-hitting Foreword for this book, which fits in perfectly.
He inspires me all the time with his satire, his persistence & hard work and his passion for his profession.

You can pick your piece of history here


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