When children were separated from the illegal migrant parents and kept in a cage-like enclosure, that image revealed the most cruel face of US President Donald Trump. And the world was shocked, including Mrs. Trump. The outrage from every corner of the world forced Trump to issue an executive order to stop this inhuman policy. There’s still uncertainty over the plan to reunite the already separated family members. Mail Today cartoon

Behind the scene
I receive lots of requests from cartoon lovers to do more cartoons on world news. Though I love that suggestion, the problem is I don’t follow world news as religiously as news related to India. Of course something big happens on world stage, I turn my focus on the issue. I must say Trump has reignited cartoonists’ interest in world affairs! But the world is still far behind India, in terms of political twists and turns. Indian political masala is the best ingredient, even for cartoonists.

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