Everybody loves mother tongue(even the die-hard fans of Modi Sarkar). This cartoon proved that.
Minutes after posting this cartoon, many cartoon lovers brought to my attention, the mistakes in the line written in their respective language.
Telugu speaking friends were unhappy that the line wasn’t right. Urdu-speaking friends were confused why Urdu wasn’t there!(I found it tough to copy Urdu and didn’t want to make a mistake)
Some Oriya-speaking cartoon lovers wanted to see the wish in Oriya too. And some people from Modi-Shah’s own state Gujarat corrected me about the wish in Gujarati.
I knew mother tongue is an emotional issue, even for those people who support Amit Shah’s One Nation-One Language-Hindi policy!
So, I thought they all deserve a corrected cartoon! So, here it is.

I’m really sorry for all the mistakes in your language, as I picked the lines from google. The motive of the cartoon was only to highlight how diverse the nation is!

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