Editorial cartoonists are the opposition in any democratic system. They keep questioning and monitoring the govt/the ruler, irrespective of the political party that occupies the throne. Many call this amazing art form, negative art, as the focus is always on the negative side of governance. We are always critical and negative, but with a hope to see positive changes.
That could be the reason why editorial cartoonists are always being targeted by the governments, political parties, IT cells and political party followers. They are hounded on social media, harassed by the editors, abused and threatened online leading to massive demolition of morale, confidence and courage.
This is where readers can step in and strongly back an editorial cartoonist. As I have experienced during the last few years, unbiased and genuine cartoon lovers can make lots of difference to the confidence and morale of an editorial cartoonist. Their support through commenting on cartoons, sharing cartoons and liking cartoons has been a real morale-booster in an intolerant atmosphere.
Sadly, in spite of the backing of genuine cartoon lovers editorial cartoonists still have to depend on editors/publications and newspaper owners for their bread and butter. Though many editors and publications/portals are following the dharma of journalism, the truth is that they are also working under lots of pressure.
So, whenever there’s an assault on the revenues of a publication when a govt decides to throttle the revenue flow, the first casualty is always the editorial cartoonist! This will continue, irrespective of the political party occupying the chair.
So I thought it would be prudent to think out of box to escape this constant pressure from the publications/editors.

What if editorial cartoonists are no longer required to depend heavily on newspapers/portals but still continue to voice their independent opinion through cartoons? Is it possible?
It’s possible through Patreon!
Yes, though it’s still at an early stage in India, Patreon is an idea which would help us protect the independent voice of editorial cartoonists.
I would love to see you join me in this journey.
Apart from my regular cartoons I promise to provide you with my unbiased opinion. Even when you don’t agree with me, I will continue to voice my critical opinion of governance and rulers.
Through Patreon, I’m planning to give you something extra, to add value to your trust/confidence in me and your precious money. It could be exclusive first look of cartoons or pencil sketch of a cartoon in making or cartoon tips/tutorial or a free copy of my cartoon book or your customised caricature or an exclusive interaction on whatsapp etc, depending on your Patreon Plan.
This is very crucial to give fresh life to the independent voice of India’s democracy. The right to ask questions, raise doubts and criticise the govt is vital for the survival of democracy in any country.
You can do your bit in this noble effort.

So, this is my humble request.
If you can afford, please join me in this journey. Pick any Patreon Plan which suits you.
And you’re free to exit whenever you feel I’m not being loyal to my cartoon dharma.
Thank you for your time.

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