Free will is an illusion. People always choose the perceived path of greatest pleasure. That was the great American cartoonist, the creator of the Dilbert strip, Scott Adams. From his very own Kundapura, Satish is pursuing what he knows is his path of greatest pleasure – drawing cartoons as a free agent, while living in the town and the house he grew up in. And what luminous cartoons they are! Satish, every day, unfailingly, distils the essence of the myriad dramas that break out in this land of ours – ‘a land of million mutinies’ – and laces it with analysis and wit using incisive brush strokes. Politics, business, sports and entertainment, there is very little that escapes his eagle eyes and nimble fingers. Does it at all matter then that he doesn’t have a set-top box for his TV yet?

Rajesh Kumar

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