I am following Satish’s cartoons eversince I started seeing Satish’s cartoons in FB. To be precise somce Oct-2011.
The reason why I started liking him is not his “caricatures” but his cartoon ideas. Initially even though many times the cartoon faces sometimes did not really resemble the actual personality, the humor in it was really good.

Over the years, he has grown and his cartooning skills also have improved and he is one of the best cartoonists I have seen in current Cartoon-Journalism.

As he has put in one of the posts, as a cartoon-Journalist, one should give out both sides, loop-holes of an event/happening. And I find he is one such cartoonist. Another thing which no one beats him in his profession is “Cricket-Humor”. Most of the times, it brings instant smile.

Is anything missing from Satish’s cartoons? Rarely I feel that there is a need cartoon in other angle also. I don’t know whether I can ask more.

Thanks for the smiles that he has brought on my face.

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