Every time I posted a link from my personal blog, people would wonder why don’t I have my personal website. And I had no answer, except blame my laziness!
Many of my friends on facebook volunteered to design a website for free. But I had to politely decline, disappointing them. I was using social media platforms extensively, which never let me feel the absence of a website.
The truth was, the website was almost ready! Almost!
I started early in 2010, asking a friend to design a simple website. While my friend was working on the website, I was scurrying for someone to unveil my website. I wanted someone who is a genuine cartoon-lover. In Dr. Arul Kumar from Coimbatore, I found someone who not just impartially enjoys cartoons, but also quite funny in his comments and one-liners. So, I approached him during my Bangalore cartoon exhibition, asking if he would oblige my request to unveil website. And he agreed!


When I had a second look at my website, somehow I wasn’t happy with the design! And the wait continued…
Then finally I found a web-designer in my facebook friend Dinesh Holla, who was flexible in design and had the patience to wait for my free time!
I thought I will never be able to complete my website, thanks to my tight work schedule. The best way was to finalise a date to unveil the website and work in reverse.
So, the right muhurtam was fixed as Cartoonu Habba! I approached Arul again, requesting him to pad-up again. Luckily he agreed to come down all the way from Coimbatore.

So, on 17th November, my own personal website was unveiled by Dr Arul Kumar in the presence of K. Annamalai sir and loads of friends and cartoon-lovers. It was a proud moment!
Now the challenge is to keep this site interesting. I just don’t want this space to be a cartoon-album. Hopefully, I will be able to add some fresh thoughts to help aspiring cartoonists.

Through videos, tutorials and blogs I would strive to share whatever little I know about cartooning.
Hope it helps someone, in one corner of the world to become a cartoonist!

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