In February 2019 I was invited by MITE in Mangalore, to be a part of TEDxMITE
I normally avoid events, except for cartoon workshops(which I feel helps some youngsters). But this was an opportunity to share my ‘mad work method’ with cartoon enthusiasts. Many people keep asking me about the ideas in my cartoons. They keep asking me, is there a method to this madness! So, at TEDxMITE the theme was IGNITED and I gave it a spin to make it ‘how a cartoon idea is ignited.

Here’s the video of my TED talk on YouTube. I tried my best, within my limits (as I’m not a good speaker and mostly I get bored with my own talk) to explain the method behind some bizarre cartoons. Hope you will like this and hope this video helps some young cartoonist. Alert: Please watch this on PC or if you’re watching it on mobile, use headphone. Audio is bad!


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